'Turquoise Zebra' is part of our Caribbean Collection which is again based upon nature and draws inspiration from the beautiful Caribbean sea. This collection showcases a softer colour palette to that that of 'Life of Pi' yet still remaining true to the brand’s identity and love of nature.
‘Turquoise Zebra’ was originally inspired by the gently rippling Caribbean sea. The softly textured patten in this design also looks similar to that of a zebra’s stripes, hence the name 'Turquoise Zebra'.
'Turquoise Zebra' is perfect for the sunshine months as it looks perfect when worn as a scarf or wrap against a white dress or shirt, dressing up your summer outfit. 

Designed and produced in England with the highest quality pin-hemmed or hand-rolled finishing. 

* Turquoise Zebra is also available in:
Sarong *

"Designed to be worn with love and treasured forever". Sophia Alexia

SCARF: Turquoise Zebra 
Fabric: 100% SILK CHIFFON
Made in England
Size: (36cm x 185cm)
Colour: Aqua, Beige & White

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