'Empty Pebbles' is part of our Caribbean collection, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the Caribbean islands . The colours are softer than those of ‘The Life of Pi' Collection, yet still remain true to the brand’s identity and love of nature.
'Empty Pebbles' is a clean and simple design conveying that beautiful mix of aqua and beige in a very subtle design. 'Empty Pebbles' is a perfect scarf for those who want a hint of colour to lift a plain summer outfit. 
The sarong ideally compliments a white bikini and will add a touch of class to whatever it is worn with.

Designed and produced in England with the highest quality pin-hemmed or hand-rolled finishing. 

*Empty Pebbles is also available in:
Skinny Scarf *

"Designed to be worn with love and treasured forever". Sophia Alexia

SARONG / WRAP: Empty Pebbles 
Fabric: 100% SILK CHIFFON
Made in England
Size: (100cm x 185cm)
Colour: Aqua, Beige & White

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